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. happy mother's day. >> a lot of hot topics out there, we go with our political insiders willie brown and gavin newsom with the evolution of the president's pronouncement this week on gay marriage. we will sit down with an expert and talk about will the primary shake up the numbers >> the latest on the biggest bike race in the u.s., starting this morning in santa rosa. a lot of trouble in sacramento. >> gov. jerry brown says the state's budget deficit is even worse than expected, nearly twice the previous estimate of $9 billion. >> now we expect even more cuts when the governor releases details on his revised proposal tomorrow. >> even as the governor was getting his tax hike to officials, he was warning that the new taxes would not be enough. >> tax receipts are coming in lower than expected and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions of dollars in necessary budget reductions. the result is that we are now facing a $16 billion hole, not $9 billion we fought in january >> the state has spent $2.1 billion more than expected to spend. the governor blam
in. teachers read a single at " black and brown bullies. but the superintendent says it's for their on good. did way to present evidence in the brands tokays when one of the suspect said mrs. mumbai after this attack u.s. hear the phone call. did place a hold of you? born on the seventh of december 19th. a super certain group of people who live and usually a long help the allies. >>> we think it's normal the personality traits they share that doctors believe could be the secrets to longevity. did waves a area school district says is a way to make sure that no child is left behind. but some parents are saying it's racist. this display is in more than one dozen teachers rooms and the reeds keeping the are black and brown boys in mind. what does that mean? robert lyles the story only see on cbs five. did police i personally would change the picture is worth a thousand words and how many words to these all the elementary parents students summoned after looking at more than surrounded by the slogan. they can have used more appropriate wording. typically and seen some kind of
including california. governor jerry brown revealed today that california's budget is in a lot more trouble than we knew. and we asked ben tracy to show us what that means. >> reporter: jana bell soto is halfway through college at the university of california, irvine. he's worried he won't be able to finish. tuition went up 14% this school year because of state budget cuts. >> my mom already told my little brother he's going to have to go into the military so they can pay for his college. >> reporter: the u.c. system plans to raise tuition another 6% in july to nearly $13,000. that's more than double what students paid just five years ago because the state keeps cutting education funding. >> we're going to have to cut deeper, but cutting alone really doesn't do it. >> reporter: today governor jerry brown said the state's budget deficit jumped from $9 billion to $16 billion, largely because tax revenues have been much lower than expected. the unemployment rate here is still 11%. >> there has to be a balance and day of reckoning. this is the type of day of reckoning and we've got to take the
the age of the average ceo. gov. brown releases his budget tomorrow in the wake of higher than anticipated deficit. >>> we face a $16 million hole >>> the governor brands higher deficit of lower tax revenue cuts to education and public safety and not acceptable he wants to increase taxes for the highest earners and increase sales taxes, fellow democrats will help sell the measure to voters. >>> between now and november all of us will be aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure. >>> it could be a hard sell, where voters are resistant to increase taxes republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts. despite her unpopularity oakland mayor is staying put. organizers for the recall announce they're unable to get the 20,000 signatures needed to qualify for the november election. according to a recent poll 3 out of 4 oakland residents are not happy with the mayor's performance but the majority of voters are not ready for a recall because it is costly. >>> and why they don't totally agree with me on everything people want this to work on the issues i am
morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. you know, it's not the final frontier, but it's certainly a new era in space flight. it launched off this morning. the unmanned rocket and capsule carrying a thousand pounds of supplies, it's one of 12 plans by the corporation space-x. if all goes as plant it will go this friday. dick brennan has more this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. it was a spectacular scene. just about 16 minutes ago, people to the space station by 2018. space-x hopes to do it at least two years earlier. now, if all goes according to plan, space-x will return to ertd sometime around the end of the month. it will splash down in the pacific much like the old apollo mission and hopefully be picked up by a ship and be used once again. terrell? >> dick, this is an important moment for the u.s. space program. if all goes well, what's next for space-x. >> reporter: you said the words, terrell "if all goes well." they say they would like to get into manned flights. they think they can do it faster than anybody else. the qu
's remarks on the ballot box. former san francisco mayor willie brown spoke about this morning on cbs 5. >>> it will require some of us to reaffirm, because african- americans and latinos not naturally on the upside of same- sex marriage, they are on the downside of same-sex marriage. >>> and a core part of the democratic constituency >>> there are diverse views just as there are all over the country >>> and that is the point >>> important to a knowledge individual choice of each american >>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> despite her unpopularity the oakland mayor will keep our job, organizers for the committee to recall the mayor announced they did not get the 20,000 signatures needed to put a recall on the november ballot. according to a recent poll 3 atta for oakland voters not happy with their performance the same poll found the majority of voters who don't and she's doing a good job are not ready for a recall because it is costly. >>> they don't totally agree with me on everything people want us to work on the issues we are working on >>> her first term and is in 2014 >>> gov. brown rele
leaders at the nato summit in chicago this is the second day of meetings, karen brown shows as their goal was scored an exit strategy for the war in afghanistan >>> anti-war protesters marched in chicago, to the convention center where were leaders opened the today nato summit president obama says the focus on winding down the war in afghanistan, leaders pledged to shift security responsibility to afghan forces when your earlier than expected the data forces remain through 2014. after meeting with afghan president hamas' karzeid obama @ meds the transition will be challenging. >>> the loss of life continues in afghanistan >>> france's new president pledged to bring his troops home this year but later said that does not affect the mission. >>> we are committed to our operation in afghanistan and see it through to successful end. >>> the war is increasingly unpopular and protesters called for nato to be disbanded >>> they are the machinery for death and destruction all over >>> thousands of officers have been preparing for months to handle security the police superintendent it says the goal
they want. >>> gov. brown releases his revised budget tomorrow and sacramento based upon a higher than anticipated budget deficit. >>> we now face a $16 billion hole >>> the governor blantyre deficit on lower tax revenue, cuts to education and public safety are not acceptable. it wants to increase taxes on the highest earners an increase sales taxes. democrats said they will help the governor sell the proposal >>> between now and november all of us aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure >>> it could be a hard sell voters are resistant to increase taxes republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts. five days later it is the hottest political news, president obama's support of same-sex marriage was the hot topic on the sunday morning talk shows and. critics said the revelation will cost them a second term, he is shifting away from focusing on the economy. supporters applaud the president saying he is headed in the right direction. >>> he has gone 95% of the white but federal rights is important. in 1967 the federal courts adjudicated the qu
donaghue at brown university developed the system after decoding some of the brain's electrical language. how well do we understand this language? >> we know that there's a general pattern of, for example, left, right, up, down, even fast or slow. >> kathy now has neural control over that cursor. >> pelley: four years ago dr. leigh hochberg of massachusetts general hospital explained as hutchinson moved the computer cursor with her thoughts. >> she's thinking about the movement of her hand and she's moving the cursor much as if she had her hand on a mouse. do you want to play some music? all right. >> pelley: she just clicked "play." >> she did. ( playing paul mccartney's "another day" ) >> pelley: ( laughs ) that's pretty amazing! now four years later in the study published today in the journal "nature" researchers report hutchinson has gone even further, using her mind to control a robotic arm. >> she was able to reach and grab any ball in any location about half the time which to us was remarkable that he could do any of that. >> pelley: once they proved it worked they wanted to see w
, and california governor jerry brown talks about taking on his state's $16 billion budget cries nsis in an interview you'll only see on "cbs this morning." >>> facebook goes public this morning. what does the company do now to keep the investors happy. when i see you at 8:00, sacha baron cohen stops by studio 57. >> millions of tons of tsunami debris headed this way. is america ready for it? plus, we remember the queen of disco, donna summer. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> newly release video shows martin at a sanford, florida, 7-eleven buying skittles and iced tea police later found on his body. >> the guy on top in the black hoodie was throwing down blows on the guy. >> a photo showing zimmerman with a bloody nose and head on the night of the flight. >> he confronted him and he shot and killed trayvon martin. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg could become the second richest man in the country. >> the stock, $38 for a single share. biggest ipo in this country's history. >> lawmakers in washington are eyeing a recent status update by one
's budget deficit texaco on gov. brown popularity the latest poll shows 43 percent of likely voters disapprove of his job performance 42 percent approved. the first on the majority has expressed disapproval of gov. brown. >>> the cyber attacks pulled off ice terrorists >>> a man breaks into a television station is personal problems that led to the outburst >>> a hungry shark that comes,,, >>> a firsthand look at a man and san francisco's mission district youtube video shows people tossing trash cans and breaking windows causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. this happened april 30th along valencia's street. protesters but aware from a pre mayday rally. police arrested one protester that night. to men who were gutted tv station recovering from injuries after being attacked by men in topeka, kansas. the man was upset because the tv station would not help him with problems with the veterans affairs. he is shown here again into a lobby and then being subdued. the suspect in custody. >>> u.s. officials say pakistan should release documents and a doctor who helped them catch
. there are working without a contract for every year. governor brown says he is coin to investigate. >>> in the meantime golden gate festivities have been planned all day long. many that the span could not be built. including this photographer. he walked the bridge with his parents in 1937 when he was just three years old. >>> oven for attack if the bridge for three years >>> today's big 75th anniversary bash, the bridge will be along the shore to marine green. the fireworks the ballet start- up 9:30 p.m.. you could find a list of the bridge festivities at cbs stock,. more than 3000 voluntaries place american flags on the graves yesterday. in all, flags were placed over our and over a hundred thousand graves. >>> a world war two battleship began her journey from the bay area. the ship saw plenty of action during its 50 years of service. kate choses was next. >>> there she blows, the uss iowa and did her stay in the bay. >>> i never thought this day would come. it's been 22 years since i've seen this ship and here we are. >>> she is on route tete southern california, her final destin
growth and jobs in europe. gov. brown ordered a hiring freeze for most a jobs last year because of the budget but it turns out there are plenty of state jobs to be had, tony lopez shows us getting one is easier than you might think >>> the man who played mr. freeze in that men may have left the building but the hiring freeze for state workers lose or the dome. >>> i want you guys to get your foot in the door i don't care what door opens to you and >>> meet the woman to help unlock the door to thaw the freeze to get people state jobs. people like chris dupes who got a job with the dmv the feeling is the same for this man who was ready to start a job with caltrans he realized in his search for a job and it paid off big time >>> the state will always be hiring >>> and its former state worker turned consultant and part-time instructor for the learning exchange in sacramento. there's reason her out to get his day job class is filled to capacity the success stories get around. >>> i have the drive i want to work >>> these men want to priuses and a mountain these two men could climb. h
million to close a budget gap and last year governor brown borrowed another $1 million. the state says it plans to pay back and the dmv says its recently removed references with the scholarship fund. deerweed apply for scholarships for their children either receive them or are in the process of getting them. >>> since 2002 californians have bought or renew these specialty memorial license plates more than 200,000 times. according to the ap reports only $21,381 is breaching the children and spouses of the three dozen california residents killed in the terrorist attacks. so the question many californians are asking tonight's is where has the money gone. >>> the governor should not be taken the money that's not going for what it's meant for. >>> this is essentially stealing that from the families that it was to go to. >>> and that is inexcusable. >>> state lawmakers say they were borrowing the money to balance the budget their intention is to get back but for a victim's family members some tonight have shared with us that there does hardens to learn that much of the money has gone to
, karen brown shows us as officers or to control the situation world leaders have sights set on leaving afghanistan. >>> a line of officers tried to move protesters back as they clashed at the end of an anti- war march outside the nato summit. police arrested and handcuffed several people. >>> the demonstrators marched through the streets of chicago sunday many calling for nato to be disbanded >>> we do not need an alliance we have the united nations and other alliances the money for all these wars needs to go to people's needs >>> some veterans through the war medals on the ground as the join the protest calling for an end to the war in afghanistan. as police officers work to control the anti-war protesters inside never allies announced it want to move their troops to a support role a year earlier than expected >>> of the middle of 2013 we expect the afghan forces to take the lead of security and across the country >>> u.s. forces will have a combat role through 2014 during a meeting with afghan president karzeid president obama's said the transition will be challenging >>> the loss of
by protesters for the second straight died at the nato summit in chicago karen brown with more. >>> thousands of anti-war protesters marched in the streets of chicago, to the convention center where world leaders open the two day nato summit president obama says the focus on winding down the war in afghanistan leaders pledged to shift security responsibility to afghan forces a year earlier than expected but that forces will remain through 2014. after meeting with afghan president hamas' karzeid obama it makes the transition will be challenging >>> the loss of life continues in afghanistan there will be hard days ahead >>> france's new president pledged to bring his troops on this year but leaders say that does not affect the mission >>> there is a rush for the exits we are committed to our operation in afghanistan and see it through >>> the war increasingly unpopular with protesters calling for nato to be disbanded >>> they are the machinery for death and destruction >>> thousands of officers preparing for months to handle security for the summit. their goal is to facilitate peaceful protest
's financial problems are starting to hurt gov. jerry brown's popularity. the public policy institute shows 43 percent of likely voters disapprove of the governor's top job performance. 42 percent approved. is that in public opinion registered days after last week's announcement that california's budget deficit had grown to nearly $16 billion. >> a comment a supervisor made about a week the board has people riled up. >> trying to figure out what harvey milk would have wanted, so we decided to do something unique in the office and we got out the week keyboard. >> analyst made those comments tuesday when the board was discussing how harvey milk would feel about having a vessel named after him, a naval vessel. he told us that it was called just a joke. >> just poking fun at the the board of supervisors. and people trying to say what part you would have wanted. i thought it would be fun to have a seance. >> he says the closest he has come to the occult is reading all seven harry potter box. just a joke. get ready foreclosures. what you need to know before hitting the road for the long holiday week
a little more refined. karen brown reports. >> reporter: it seems jarring to think that maynard james keenan, loud and raunchy rocker can also be maynard james keenan, up and coming winemaker. music fans know keenan as front man for tool, a band whose albums have gone multiplatinum, two of them reaching number one. keenan most often sings of anger and pain. a world far removed from this vineyard in jerome, arizona, an historic ghosttown. you're a rock star. you can just slap your name on wine and it would sell? >> that wouldn't be genuine. that wouldn't feel right. we're creating art here. this is not just a commodity. i can't know that unless i made it. if i can hold off releasing the 2010 till spring, that would be good. >> reporter: what he creates are premium high-end wines. his caduceus label, winning over criti critics. "wine spectator" magazine rated one vintage 91 out of 100. his tastings draw art connoisseurs and some hard core music fans. >> only probably the biggest genius in the entire world. >> reporter: his barrel room has also served as a recording studio. here for one
to shut down or sell >> governor brown will release his revised budget today in sacramento and based on a higher deficit than anticipated >> we are now facing a $16 billion hole, not $9 billion we thought >> he blames the higher deficit on a lower tax revenues and legal blocks to some planned cuts. he says further cuts to public education and public safety are not acceptable. fellow democrats say they will help sell his tax measures to voters >> between now and november, all of us will be a rather aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure >> the measure could be a hard sell. boaters are resistant to increase taxes. at least three executives at j.p. morgan are expected to resign after bad trades cost the bank $2 billion. the shake-up follows an apology. jimmy diamond says he was wrong to ignore the warning signs that says the bank is in no danger of failing. >> we will still earn all lot of money this quarter so does not like the company is jeopardized. we hurt ourselves and our credibility and we need to pay the price collapse >> lawmakers to back the b
to the western conference finals lakers coach mike brown has received criticism, but meta world peace says the blame is on the players >>> mike was not out there guarding cavan, that was me, gavin scored on me, mike did not throw turnovers at the end of the game mike did not missed a three-point shot, i missed a three-point shot mike did not come in out of shape, well he did come in out of shape, actually he has a fat ... but, it is all mental for coach. >>> one of the best catches your seat lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab it was the final out it would have been a game- tying home run. >>> if there is a leak at the vatican and they think the dollar debt, it documents he's accused of stealing as punishment if convicted has technology caught up to america's most exercise the catch the bottom the new invention that takes away the anticipation. that does it for us eyewitness news will see you at four 11 anticipation. that does it for us eyewitness news will see you at four 11 latest,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> the following program is sponsored by operation smile. >> ev
brown reports that the president and leaders from other nations are finalizing plans to end the war in afghanistan. >> the president met with world leaders on the final day of the nato summit. leaders are approving a timetable to end the war in afghanistan. nato forces will be pulled out of that country by the end of 2014. >> the region of the world had a profound interest in afghanistan that is stable. >> outside of the conference protesters are demanding that the war ends now. >> we're here because we've had enough of the war machine and we're tired of paying for it. >> demonstrators have been peaceful for the most part. but on sunday, a group of protesters clashed with police. leading to dozens of arrests. the police may outnumber the protesters today, and yet many of the downtown businesses were shut down again in anticipation of the protest. which centers around bowing. the aerospace giant told their employees to stay home. the war in afghanistan had become very unpopular. two out of three americans oppose the war and the numbers are higher in other nato countries. france's new
. >> and you can see more of that interview with governor brown at 7:00. >> if you're heading out the door, we have sunshine and a spectacular weekend >> the wind was really blowing yesterday. brown the bay area we have mostly clear skies, temperatures in the 40's and 50's a couple of patches of fog by the coast line. high pressure was building in very nicely and it will set the stage for a nice weekend. average temperatures usually in the '60s and '70s and we will be just about there but much more over the weekend. >> live at the pleasanton area, all of those headlights is westbound 580 traffic. we can show you this stretch in the next matt, 14 minutes coming out of the altamont pass towards 680 and the dublin interchange. coming across the bay bridge, here is a live look at traffic. so far everything looks great and there is no delay. >> lawmakers want to know more about the huge trading blunder at j.p. morgan chase. the senate banking committee plans to invite their ceo jamie diamond to testify. the committees discussing wall street reform and says it should hear directly from him about the
>>> california's financial problems are hurting gov. brown popularity. the latest poll shows 43 percent of likely voters disapprove of his job performance, 42 percent approved. the first time a plurality express disapproval for gov. brown weekend bus service between san francisco part of a proposed budget cut. the board board will hold a meeting in oakland expect an 8% increase in next year's budget that is due to a jump and writer ship. that will involve east base stations in pittsburgh in fremont. some parents friending to pull their kids out of fairfield high school because the district is cutting sports and other after- school activities. they need $450,000 to keep the programs going. some kids depend on sports to get into college. >>> what about when have on my resume i am trying get into college i volunteered for the library down the street and that isn't going to get into college. >>> final vote to cut programs and three high schools in fairfield expected next month >>> potentially storm broke in off of mexico's coast hurricane but packing sustained winds of 75 miles per hour it is southwe
, everybody. i'm terrell brown. we begin with syria and efforts to end the 15-month assault to against forces opposed to president bashar al assad. the bbc reports rebel leaders have given the government until tomorrow to observe the u.n. cease-fire plan. if not, opposition forces will no longer be bound by the agreement. and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the security council cannot syria to end the bloodshed. other actions outside the u.n. may be necessary. susan mcginnis in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. there's new video out by rebel forces that apparently shows new attacks by the government. now, this all has lawmakers here on capitol hill calling for action on the part of the u.s. smoke rises from rooftops in homs. syrian rebels say this amateur video is proof government troops have no intention of halting attacks on civilians. the shelling follows the new discovery of 13 bodies in eastern syria and the massacre of more than 100 people in houla last week. president al assad refuses to implement the united nations peace plan and blames the vio
. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin injuries. nine days ago a quake killed seven people damaging hundreds of buildings. >>> texas primary voters are all but sure to give romney enough delegates to assure the republican presidential nomination. he's been campaigning for weeks attacking president obama and romney is back on the campaign trail today. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning with more. >>> romney is right on the brink of clinching that nomination in texas. we'll do it for him today. meanwhile he used memoir yeah day to promise he'll maintain the strongest military in the world just as the president planned to downsize it. after months of primaries and caucuses, romney will likely pass the 1, 144 delegates needed when texas voters go to the p l polls. the former massachusetts governor returns to the campaign trail after appearing at a memorial day service in san diego. he has been critical of the president's plan to downsize the military and appeared to take another shot without meaning his rival. >> we have two courses to follow. follow in the pa
. the debate over same-sex marriage, front and center this sunday. bill whitaker, terrell brown are both on the story. starting over, jobs are open but many workers don't have the right training. we'll show you a program trying to change that. and the graduate, tony guida with a story of a war zone refugee who went from janitor to ivy league grad captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor, three executives at the nation's largest bank j.p. morgan chase reportedly are out. this after the bank revealed on thursday it lost at least $2 billion in risky trades. those stepping down will include the senior executive who oversaw the transaction and two upper traders. today c.e.o. jaime diamon called the trades a terrible, egregious mistake. he also acknowledges the securities and exchange commission is investigating whether rules were broken. >> we know we were sloppy. we know we were stupid. we know there was bad judgment. we don't know if any of that is true. regulators should look, that is their job so we are open to the regulators. they w
. terrell brown is watching the weather. >> slaughter in syria, charlie d'agata has the latest on a government attack that left dozens of children dead. >> the strains of war, barry pederson faces the challenge when the troops come home. >> these mobilizations change you. maybe for the good, maybe for the worst. >> an inspiration for the graduates, commencement speakers share their insights with the class of 2012. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> cordes: good evening, i am nancy cordes, memorial day weekend is bringing us our first real taste of summer all right with record or near record highs in the 90s across much of the country. at the same time, other areas are coping with everything from unseasonably late snow to early tropical storms. terrell brown is in washington tracking the weather tonight. >> these homes have little chance against a massive wildfire in the gila national forest of new mexico. all three were destroyed as the blaze torched 85,000 square miles and continues to grow. >> across the west from colorado to cali
" for wednesday, may 30, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. >>> it was a prize mitt romney has been chasing for five years. he clinched the republican presidential nomination with a win in yesterday's texas primary, calling it an honor and a privilege. he'll be officially nominate add the republican convention in august. cbs news estimates romney has 1,198 delegates after picking up 90 in the texas vote. and romney has already ramped up his attacks on president obama. susan mcginnis in washington with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, romney all about endurance has finally paid off. look for romney to enter a critical phase of the campaign. watch for him to step up his attacks on the obama administration and to defend himself from their attacks, including most recently, his association with donald trump. mitt romney campaigned in the swing state of nevada, while voters in the texas primary handed him enough delegates to become the gop's nominee for president. in a statement romney says he's honored and humbled, ad
. >>> and good morning, everybody, so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin with politics. president obama starts the morning in california, then travels to iowa before returning to washington. he's wrapping up a three-state campaign trial that started in colorado in raising campaign trash. most of the election will hinge on the economy, and both the president and mitt romney are staking their grounds. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. president obama, governor romney each have their message they are the one who can fix this economy, but so much of this simply comes down to cash and how much each can raise to get that message out. >> reporter: president obama campaigned late into the night in redwood, california, trying to convince voters he's best qualified to lead the country. >> i still believe in you. and i hope you still believe in me. >> reporter: governor romney told "time" magazine's mark halperin he will shrink the debt. >> someone who spent their life in economy is better suited to fix the economy. >> reporter: the president sa
morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the director of the secret service will speak publicly for the first time about last month's prostitution scandal. mark sullivan will tell the senate committee there was no security breach. and that the agents' reckless behavior was an isolated incident. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. sullivan is going to tell congress today that these men were not informed about the president's plans and that they were going to be informed after this night of partying. he'll also tell them these men are not representative of the 7,000 workers at the secret service. the head of the secret service agency heads to capitol hill today. mark sullivan will answer to congress about the prostitution scandal involving some of his agents. 200 secret service personnel were in colombia in april, preparin for the president's visit there. of those, 12 were investigated, 9 were found to have been involved, 3 cleared of wrongdoing. >> the first question i pose to the director was, was ther
ceo. >> today gov. jerry brown will officially deliver the bad news about to revise state budget >> we're now facing a $16 billion hole, not the $9 billion we thought in january. >> the governor blames the deficit on higher tax revenues, lower tax revenues. he says cuts to education and public safety are not acceptable. republicans have reacted to the governors' appeal by saying there must be more cuts. protests are planned against pg&e outside the company's headquarters. >> it is expected to be a busy morning here at pg&e headquarters as you mentioned. they will have the annual shareholders' meeting and protesters are expected to be here as well as a politician who will be introducing new legislation. it is their annual shareholders meeting, the first for the new ceo. it is expected to be met with unhappy customers and at the same time, san mateo assemblyman jerry hill is planning on introducing a bill that would require top utility executives to give back bonuses if the company is fine for safety violations. what he says is that he is trying to stop what happened in 2011 when the for
but in california. >> jerry brown they're getting it ready. but guess what? it was not just a prominent people. there were some people that i met today here celebrating that were actually there that day 75 years ago. >> he was only 18 years old then. the senior in high-school. >> i am so honored, i cannot believe it. >> now the 95 year-old is one of only two known people still alive who worked on the golden gate bridge. >> we're standing in front of del oro high-school, 1935 or 1936 and he says, what we would call a labor contractor today, he came by and asked him if you want to work. did not tell him what the project was, and it was during the depression so said " sure ". so they brought him over to the golden gate bridge and he worked there for about three weeks pealing table on the first hour, on the san francisco side. >> it is a legacy. people come from all over the world to see it. >> modesty can only go so far. >> ok, beautiful pictures. and a great story. many great stories here this weekend. here's one to keep in mind. there are going to be 10,000 bicycle spaces here this weekend. the
, governor brown chatted with charlie rose about the $16 billion deficit. we will have more on that coming up but first, the weather forecast today is looking absolutely lovely. >> let's begin with a big headline, a very deep partial solar eclipse is happening later today. is the deepest solar eclipse in the u.s. in 17 years and there will be maximum eclipse at 630 3:00 p.m. tonight. we will cover it live on cbs five. do not look at it directly. you need to use eye protection or you can project it onto the ground but this is literally a blinding site so you want to be careful about using my protection. the sun through protective lands where will look like a crescent moon. it will be memorable and the deepest part is that 633 tonight. we will have pretty good conditions for it. high pressure will keep us mostly sunny, the potential for maybe a few clouds along the coast especially later in the day so if you want to be sure of seen the clips you need to get away from the coastline. here's a time lapse of the projection of what the date will look like, towards the evening began to get fog on the
. we are the working people. we bring revenue to the state of california and i disagree with the brown proposal. >> it is not fair to his employees, it is that's not fair. we're paying a disproportionate share of our income to help balance the budget. >> the uc and cal state systems are both facing huge cuts in the coming fiscal year. the already stand to lose $400 million, and if the governor's tax initiative is not passed in november, they could lose another $100 million on top of that. >> it is not going to be easy, but we are going to be able to continue to open our doors to the 20,000 students that we expect in the fall. >> governor jerry brown aknowledge that the state's money problems are tough but when you're facing a $15.7 billion deficit, it comes down to some tough choices. >> but, when i have to cut and people lose their jobs, or a mother loses their child care, i am reluctant to do that. if there is a plausible reason why we might not have to. >> so what do you think of the governors of four day work week that he is proposing? the sacramento bee conducted an on- line poll
friday. on monday governor jerry brown is expected to unveil new cuts to state spending. yesterday he submitted signatures for his tax hike initiatives to protect schools and public safety, the governor says he has twice the number of signatures needed to qualify for the november ballot. the state is more than $9 billion in the red but that is expected to change. get ready for some serious sticker shock at the pump as we head closer to the memorial day weekend, refinery problems are choking supplies for california special blend of cleaner-burning gasoline. prices could jump as much as 20ยข in the next few days alone. west coast gas inventories are at the lowest levels right now in 20 years. here's a look at the average price of gas in the bay area. san francisco at the highs at $4.34. oakland and san jose not far behind. both at more than four and a quarter percent. >> a leak almost up to the operation involving a double agent in yemen. u.s. forces and the operation early when someone leaked association press information. they withheld the information until the operation was over. the
but the raiders play the panthers. lakers head coach mike brown has received criticism for his team's exit and meta world peace says the blame is on the players >>> mike was not out there guarding kevin that was me, kevin scored on the mike did throw the turnovers, mike did not missed three-point shots i missed a three-point shot, mike did not coming out of shape, well he did coming out of shape , it is all mental for coach. >>> one of the bus schedules the lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab, the fun out it would of been a game-tying home run brian sabean one, need defense on the giants. >>> you could argue it was a matter of time before crooks broke the code were talking about bar codes at the heart of every beat when you pay at the counter and crooks can capitalize coming up at 630 howe they're doing it. that's it for eyewitness news at 530 cbs evening news next with a massacre and syria dozens of children among 90 people killed in an attack. see you in half an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
but they say they're making something else in karen brown i knew police say the suspects were targeting. >>> as noisy protesters marched in chicago three members of the splinter group record facing charges of domestic terrorism. >>> some targets including campaign headquarters of president obama, home of mayor rahm emanuel and other downtown financial institutions >>> the out of state trio and part of an anarchist group was arrested in an apartment raid on wednesday police say they're making molotov cocktails. the men say they're making beer. >>> they are shocked and confused and frightened by the severity of the allegations >>> protests have been peaceful and watch as this man pulled from the crowd. >>> de have since people are planning violence? >>> no. i would like to say property damage is not violence you're not hurting anyone but that is not one of their tactics >>> protesters continued to march the heads of state attending a nato conference start to arrive in chicago the main focus for both sides will be the war in afghanistan. >>> world ladies working on winding down the war eff
morning, everybody, so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. >>> it promises to be another rough day in chicago. the nato summit will wrap up with a vote on plans to give afghanistan command of all combat missions by 20 13. meanwhile, thousands of protesters are expected to take to the streets again today. yesterday demonstrators marched through downtown in one of the city's largest protests in years. dozens were arrested and several officers injured. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was quite a weekend in chicago. while world leaders are inside the convention center mapping out a plan for peace in afghanistan, protests outside turned violent. protesters charged police and police fought back. four officers were injured in the clashes and more than 40 demonstrators were arrested. >> if that's what they wanted, to get arrested, then so be it, they can say, i'm proud, i beat up a cop or assaulted a cop. >> reporter: more demonstrations are expected today as nato officials wrap up their meeting in chicago. at the top of nato's agenda
'm terrell brown. >>> the man who says he killed etan patz is scheduled to be arraigned today 33 years to the day the then-6-year-old boy vanished blocked from his new york city home. police say they have a signed confession from pedro hernandez. it's still unclear what, if any, evidence officials have to prove hernandez's story. john miller has more. >> reporter: in 1979 pedro hernandez, then 18 years old, worked at his family's small grocery in the soho neighborhood just a block from where 6-year-old tan patz disappeared on his way to school. based on a tip, detectives from new york city drove to this small house in maple shade, new jersey, and brought hernandez to the police station. commissioner ray kelly announced the arrest. >> hernandez described to detectives how he lured young etan from the school bus stop, led him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >> reporter: police say hernandez was brought back to the scene of the crime where he retraced his steps for investigators. pro
last august. >> today the governor jerry brown will officially deliver bad news about revise state budget >> we are now facing a $16 billion hole, not $9 billion we thought >> the governor posted that message saturday blaming lower tax revenue and legal blocks. he wants to increase income tax for the highest earners as well as increase sales taxes. fellow democrats say they will help sell his measures to the voters >> between now and november, all of us will be rather aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measures >> it could be a hard sell. voters are resistant to increase taxes. we will have a live report coming up in about 10 minutes. heads are starting to roll at j.p. morgan chase in the wake of some bad trades that costs them over $2 billion over three months. top traders are expected to be let go as early as today. >> we will still earn a lot of money this quarter so does not like the company is jeopardized. we hurt ourselves and our credibility and we need to pay the price for that >> lawmakers say the law could lead to tighter regulations the y pr
obama as they did four years ago. terrell brown sounds them out. thediamond jubilee as the matish begin to mark queen elizabeth's 60-yearlong reign. charlie d'agata has some of the pomp and circumstance. captioning sponsored by cbs red s is the "cbs evening news." >> dubois: good evening. i'm maurice dubois. the blind chinese dissident chen guangcheng has landed at newark airport just outside new york city. his departure from beijing marked a sudden end to a diplomatic stalemate and an apparent positive turn in u.s.- china developments. elaine quijano is watching developments tonight here in new york. elaine, good evening. >> reporter: after a 12-hour flight from beijing, chen guangcheng headed here to new york city. his arrival here marks the end of nearly a month of uncertainty and a high-profile test of u.s.- china relations. supporters cheered as chen arrived at new york university. >> i am very gratified to see the chinese government has been dealing with the situation restraint and calm. >> reporter: the case focused international attention on the thorny issue of human rights in c
. as terrell brown reports, a repeal effort is under way. >> reporter: when maryland's governor signed the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland, michele stood behind him. you're in the picture? >> yes. >> reporter: she and tracy taylor, her partner of 20 years, planned to marry in their home state when it becomes legal in january. >> if something was to happen to me, i would want tracy to be able to collect my death benefits, be able to carry out my last will. >> reporter: but now they face a problem. >> you sign the petition already? >> reporter: opponents of the law are collecting signatures, trying to get a referendum on the november ballot to overturn it before it takes effect. so far 30 states have amended their constitutions to ban same-sex marriage. in maryland, some of the strongest opposition for the law has come from the black community. about 30% of the population. >> god said that in every home there needs to be a representation of his glory to manhood and femininity. >> reporter: pastor harry jackson believes same-sex marriage undercuts the strength of family tradition. >
" for monday, may 28, 2012. >>> and good morning, everybody. good to be with us. i'm terrell brown. this memorial day a strong storm is making for a wet and dangerously windy day. for folks in northeast florida. tropical storm beryl made landfall early this morning near jacksonville, florida with hurricane-force winds. those winds have diminished as the storm moves inland. the same winds now top out at 65 miles an hour with rain accumulations up to 8 inches, 2 to 4 feet of flooding is expected in northeastern florida and georgia. 1 to 2 feet in south carolina. storm warnings are in effect from florida into south carolina. our jackson station wtev is bernadino just north of jacksonville. good morning. this is a tropical storm but a very strong one, nearly a hurricane. what's happening where you are this morning? >> reporter: good morning, terrell. as you mentioned, this was nearly a hurricane. we are at ground zero right now of tropical storm beryl. this is probably the strongest point of the storm in bernadina downtown. we're at the top of the storm, as our meteorologist told us, t
and ann notarangelo , governor jerry brown told californians the state budget deficit worse than expected. it is nearly twice the previous deficit of $9 billion in january. don knapp with more >>> the governor details his revised budget proposal monday he will include another pitch for the ballot measure to raise taxes. even as the governor gets his petitions to state election officials he is warning that is new taxes will not be enough today the governor went public with bad news. >>> tax receipts lower-than- expected the federal government and courts have blocked as the making billions in necessary budget reductions, the result where now facing a $16 billion hole not the 9 billion we thought in january. >>> state revenues are three and half billion dollar is less than anticipated and the states spent more than expected to spend the governor blames the federal government in blocking cuts and pass budget gridlock forces him to go to the voters >>> which cannot the whole of this magnitude with cuts along with the doing severe damage to our schools, that is why i bypass the gridlock and ask
. >> reporter: governor jerry brown in sacramento on monday pitching his plan for $4 approximatebillion in cuts including a 5% pay cut for state employees. >> we don't want to be greece or portugal or england. too deep into their hole. >> reporter: california's economy is bigger than all of them except england. >> it's a state that is imploding financially and this crisis has been going on now for four years. >> peter navarro is an economist at the university of california irvine. >> he cut muscle to the bone and you still got a big debt here in california. the only way we get out of this mess is to increase our economic growth. >> reporter: california has largely lost its manufacturing base to china. the housing market meltdown and 11% unemployment continues to hurt the state's tax revenue. the university system once a crown jewel of the nation has been cut so much that tuition has nearly doubled in the past five years. freshman lester hayes is looking at another 6% increase. >> our tuition went up last quarter and the quarter before so it's ridiculous. >> governor brown says tax increases are
check the dmv still leaves about 3000 more people to step up and buy one governor brown and his pet corgis along with actor pierce brosnan appeared to echo store to promote the plate money from the sales would go for it spay and neuter programs. >>> for years now pet owners have been told to microchip their dogs and cats and while it certainly helps to find lost pets is not perfect because there are many micra chipping systems that don't necessarily share information. until now. as the cook explains how works. >>> when an animal is loss is often a death sentence. >>> we're seeing all over california particularly the central valley coming up. once there are brought into a shelter becomes a race against the clock to find the owner even if they have a microchip. >>> a lot of pet owners don't update their information and by richard registry's but now there's a solution. >>> but i doubt microchip in registering increases your chance of finding animal. it's a funny animals micra trip registry. >>> to one to create an online registry that is a one-stop shop for microchip in dogs and
and where he goes but governor brown is still my giving up where he went over the weekend the governor says he still has to have a few moments of privacy he's left the city handful of times since becoming governor again mostly for official business the former governor arnold schwarzenegger also did not reveal his vacation where about. >>> how many times did you try to break the bad habits? or more seriously have you ever dealt with an addiction or anxiety issues? there's a woman who has helped thousands of people and we have heard success story after success story. didn't call her the bad habit breaker in she says she can help keep tackle addiction waking sleep problems even athletic performance issues of any single session. many people including the bay area celebrities whereby her. cabinet is the kind of guy who gets things done. he is chief operating officer of the largest family business in the silicon valley. >>> anything to do a site construction we can do. but there's one thing he could not do costs dump the debt. >>> he was addicted to chewing tobacco. the father of to try to qui
of him and i do think there's a lot courage to do this. there is a lot of risk but as mayor brown says, they don't do things without real consideration and they obviously feel that they can withstand that assault. >> the president did say that although he supports same-sex marriage, it should be up to the states to decide if it is legal. >> the family of an unarmed man shot and killed by a former bart officer is outraged by johannes mehserle request to have his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. his lawyer argued this week that the shooting death of the 22 year-old oscar grant was a tragic mistake, not involuntary manslaughter. he maintains that he meant to use his taser but i suddenly grabbed a gun plenty shot grants on new years day three years ago. >> if a person can commit, gross negligence, how can he be allowed back on the streets to protect and serve again? >> the appeals court now has three months to issue a written decision. >> testing matter of moments we will find out if san fransisco teachers are one step closer to striking. yesterday 6000 members of united edu
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